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Marathambigai Chandra Sudeswarar Temple

The temple is situated at the top of the hill of the eastern side of Hosurcity. It is one of the oldest and famous temple in Dharmapuri district. This temple was maintained by tamil kings, and kings of Karnataka. In the northern side of the hill, steps are there to reach the temple. Also, there are concrete roads available to reach the temple by vehicles.Padmagiri Mahathmiyam, a part  in Bramanda puranam express the popularity of Hosur. This was compiled and translated in Telugu by Pandit Sangeveda BaskaraSadhush Sharma in the form of slogas. Later this was translated in Tamil by Vidvan Nachiappa in the form of Prose. Also this was translated in English by Subbu Narayana Moorthi. Thiru. Karumalai Thamilalazhan sung sadagamin the name of Arulmigu Maraghathambigai Chandra Sudeswarar.

An angel was hurt by an asura and she decided to take a Tapas in Dhatchinapinakini river bed. Because of her Tapas Lord Siva gave dharshan to her and she asked sivaperuman's vahanam (Nandhi) as her figure. Lord Siva gave the boon and the angel got Nandhi's figure. In memory of this incident, the angel wanted Lord Siva to build a temple permanently in the hill. Sivaperuman accepted her wish and he got the temple in the hill. This hill looks like Nandhi when it was seen in long shot. The temple has many names because it has the shape of Rishabam so it is called as Virushapasalam, Shenbagasalam, (the area is fully covered by shenbaga trees), Bathrasalam, Bathragiri,etc. There are 8 theerthas which adds famous to this temple. They are Maraghatham, Shambavam, Macham, Ramar, Pandavar, Sivagangai, Hanuman, Vishnu. MaraghathaSarovar is called as Green River which is present below the hill. During Posalavara Vishwanathan period 127 gold coins were given to this temple. This area was ruled out by Oaislar(Posalar) because of this reason it is now called as Hosur.

Inside this temple Suryan, Chandran, Kajalakshmi, Kasi Vishwanathar, Ganeshar, Panchalingams statues are also present. In a seperate shrine Parvathi gives dharshan to people in the name of Maraghathambal. At the entrance a small linga is present by name "Jalakandeswarar".  During the dry season, this shrine is filled by water and pooja's were conducted to get the rain and people have belief in this. Now this temple is under the maintenance of Tamilnadu Government. In this temple, thrice a day poojas are conducted. Monday and Friday is considered as special days in this temple. During the Tamil Masi month, 13 days Rathorsavam are being held. Sashti, Pradhosham, Ruthrabishekam are considered as special events in this temple.


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